Winter Tire Packages Available for Select Models!

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Ford winter packages.

Winter is coming, and in an inevitable sense of trepidation, you’re unsure of how to prepare your car for the cold and the snow. There’s no better way to ensure that you’re ready for winter than by investing in the Winter Safety Package available at our Ford dealership in Barrie, ON. This comprehensive safety package includes:

  • Winter tires that provide an increase in traction and control, along with the confidence to conquer any snowfall or icy road. Some insurance companies also offer a 5% discount for customers with four winter tires installed on their vehicles.
  • Tire pressure sensors that immediately alert your dash when there is a significant drop in pressure. The cold air severely impacts your tires, so much so that your tire pressure drops for every 5-degree Celsius drop in temperature.
  • Your choice of dedicated steel or aluminum rims that keep your original rims from acquiring rust, and help extend the life of your winter and non-winter tires by minimizing the potential damage caused by remounting. In addition to preserving the look of your original rims, you will also save on installation costs during the tire changeover.

Are you debating whether winter tires are worth the extra money? There are countless economical and safety benefits that come with equipping your Ford with winter tires, including:

  • Winter tires are made for more than snow. When the temperature plunges below 7 degrees Celsius, the rubber compounds in winter tires better retain their elasticity than all-season tires, helping improve stopping distances.
  • Our Ford service technicians will work with you to create the ideal Winter Safety Package that best suits your driving habits and your environment. Purchasing winter tires now will save you from buying replacement tires for up to twice as long.
  • By upgrading to the Winter Safety Package, you’ll also prolong the life of both your all-season and winter tire sets. You’ll use your tires in the conditions they were designed for!

Request an appointment online with one of our Ford service advisors to learn more about the Winter Safety Package, and get the winter tires you need to keep you safe on the road this winter at Barrie Ford!

Conquer the ice with the ford winter packages.