Barrie Ford Customer Testimonials


S. Sutton (Ryan Brown)

I was very pleased with all the staff! Dominic was very helpful with all aspects of the experience. I was impressed with his honesty, I had gone in hoping to get a used vehicle, he advised me in a better direction and I was able to purchase a brand new one. This is my first brand new car and I love it, thanks to Dominic and his assistant, I feel I have made the best choice. This is my first non GM vehicle, from my experience so far I believe Ford will be my choice moving forward. I did my research and found the equivalent car in a GM was $4000 to $6000 more and not a superior vehicle. I look forward to dealing with Barrie Ford for many years to come! Thanks to everyone involved for making this a very pleasant experience!

Carl G. L.​ (Dominic Lazzaro)

Customer wants to let Barrie Ford know that the changes that were made in the Lube bay makes a world of difference to the customer. Everything is running much smoother, efficient and no pressure on
the customer.

Randolph M. (Fastlube)

The service personal are very efficient and personable and know how to treat an elder person.

Robert E. (Fastlube)

Awesome job by all. Our last truck was a ford escape, which we bought from a used dealership. Our mistake! They made us buy ins. for the loan from ISW Creditors, if the escape was ever wrote off, this would pay the remaining balance of the loan, or we would not get the financing. Well the truck was in an accident in Jan. and was written off. Guess what, the ins. did not pay the remaining balance off the loan, and we still owed $2500, that is after paying for 3 years. When we told the used dealership this, their response was "that is why we no longer deal with this company, but if you buy another vehicle from us, we will knock off $1000." But then you add the remaining balance of the other loan, we said forget it, and went back to Barrie Ford. We used to always deal with Barrie Ford, because we were always satisfied, but my credit was not the best, so we went to a used dealership, that will get you into anything for a higher interest rate. Now my credit is getting better, we decided to go back to Barrie Ford and try to finance. We have always dealt with Kevin Potter, and probably always will. He makes you feel like you are an old friend. I was looking at a 2011 edge, with a lot of options, but I could not get the financing, he probably could have worked some magic and got me into it, but he knew I couldn't afford it, and he doesn't push things just to get a sale. He worked out the numbers for a new escape, that was 0% and more affordable, but he knew I did not like the shape of the new ford escapes, and I wanted the edge. But it was affordable and brand new, so I decided to go for it, then he found a 2013 brand new edge which was on clearance, at a really low rate. It did not have all the options, but I could not afford them anyway. Next one will!! We wrote up 3 deals, he was going to keep going until I was completely satisfied. He knew I was without a vehicle, so he put a rush on the pickup, which was only a couple of days. We met the girls in the service dept. which were great and set up the first oil change. Kevin showed me all the gadgets in the car when I picked it up, and said if I have any problems, to come back. They paid the first 4 payments, which came to $1020 after I put $1000 for the deposit, I walked away with a brand new ford edge and $20 in my pocket to boot!! Kevin was always friendly and courteous, offered us coffee or pop, always trying to make us feel comfortable. I would also like to give props to Shelly MacConnell in the finance dept. She explained about the "walkaway ins." that they have, and made us feel more at ease about it. I have no doubts that it would pay off the loan if the vehicle is wrote off. Knowing what happened to us with the other company, Shelly gave it to us for half price. She also changed the loan date, to coincide with my pay weeks after she had already wrote the paper work all up. Very friendly lady, kept me informed about the financing as soon as she heard anything. I think the follow up, after the sale was just as good as the actual sale. Kevin called a few days after, to make sure everything was going OK, and if I had any questions, then about a week later, they called from the office, to see if I was satisfied. I am very satisfied with the whole group at Barrie Ford. Even with the renovations going on, they are still running like clockwork. I will for sure recommend Barrie Ford to my friend and especially Kevin Potter as their sales man. I think they do one hell of a job there.

Yours truly,

Darlene E. (Kevin Potter)

Robert was very helpful through everything from the purchase of the truck as well as setting ford sync up and pairing it with my phone. I didn't feel like I was being pressured into buying a vehicle. Overall I was quite satisfied with the whole experience and would come back to Barrie ford in the future as well as suggesting barrie ford to friends and family.

M. Lee (Robert Elrick)
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